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Unburden yourself by outsourcing medical billing! MediBill MD is a reliable revenue cycle management (RCM) hub, offering customized medical billing services in the USA. From coding and payment posting to managing your claim denials, our billing specialists can improve your organization's financial well-being. Partner with us to increase your claim acceptance rates.

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Medical Billing Services
Tailored for Your Practice

We understand your unique demands! At MediBill MD, we provide comprehensive billing services for your needs. Our team of experts streamline the billing process by using the latest technology. From small clinics to large hospitals, our tailored solutions cater to all types of practices. We transform your business by offering 100% HIPAA-compliant billing solutions that lead to timely reimbursements. Our medical billing services include:

Physician Billing Services

We cover all types of specialties! From medical emergencies to OB/GYN and everything in between, we provide accurate coding and claim submissions to ensure timely reimbursements from your payer.

Hospital Billing Services

We reduce your administrative burdens! At MediBill MD, we know how to tackle different policies. Our team of specialists provides accurate hospital billing solutions, adhering to the ever-changing regulations.

Charge Entry

We help you minimize coding errors! At MediBill MD, we handle all the tedious tasks, including the accurate recording of service charges. Our medical billing specialists carefully collect all the relevant data to prevent miscommunication.

Payment Posting

We bring clarity to your financial status! Our payment posting service helps you receive complete reimbursements. At MediBill MD, we streamline your payment posting process, providing a clear picture of your revenue cycle so you can identify and resolve major issues.

A/R Follow-Up

Maintain a stable cash flow! At MediBill MD, we bring financial stability to your practice through our advance and re-advance reimbursement solutions. Our medical billing specialists efficiently file reimbursement requests to cover all the ongoing expenses.

Denial Management & Appeals

We recover your lost revenue! At MediBill MD, we employ a strong denial management strategy to recover your financial losses. Our specialists review and identify the issues in your rejected claim and correct them for resubmission.

Temporary Staffing

We bring clarity to your financial status! Our payment posting service helps you receive complete reimbursements. At MediBill MD, we streamline your payment posting process, providing a clear picture of your revenue cycle so you can identify and resolve major issues.

Physician Credentialing

Avoid penalties due to negligence and malpractice! Our certified experts meticulously verify your physicians’ educational and professional background, helping you maintain your reputation and a steady cash flow.

Insurance & Patient Collections

Don’t get caught between your patients and the payer! At MediBill MD, we maximize your revenue. Our specialized team minimizes delays by collecting timely and accurate payments from insurance providers and patients.

CPT Coding & Reimbursement Analysis

We optimize your revenue! At MediBill MD, we enhance your billing accuracy through comprehensive CPT coding and reimbursement analysis. Our experts offer precise coding for all services and insightful analysis to identify trends and discrepancies.

Advance Re-advance Reimbursement

Maintain a stable cash flow! At MediBill MD, we bring financial stability to your practice through our advance and re-advance reimbursement solutions. Our medical billing specialists efficiently file reimbursement requests to cover all the ongoing expenses.

Outsource Medical Billing Services to MediBill MD

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Maintaining an in-house billing department necessitates hiring and training staff and purchasing software, resulting in a spike in overhead expenses. Start saving by outsourcing medical billing services to MediBill MD.

Experienced healthcare billing specialists at MediBill MD are well-versed in complex billing codes, laws, and regulatory requirements. Outsourcing medical billing services to experts ensures fewer claim denials & accurate claim submissions.

MediBill MD’s certified billers and coders optimize your revenue cycle with faster processing and submission of claims, resulting in speedy reimbursements and improved cash flow for your healthcare company.

Healthcare billing requires substantial investment in advanced billing software. Outsourced medical billing services ensure access to cutting-edge technology without investing in an in-house billing department.

MediBill MD prioritizes data security to protect confidential patient data against breaches. Compliance with laws governing the privacy of medical records, such as HIPAA, is the foundation of our security protocols.

Medical billing specialists at MediBill MD are aware of changes in healthcare rules and regulations and modify their procedures on an ongoing basis to ensure strict compliance.

MediBill MD vs Traditional Medical Billing Specialists

Choose us for highly accurate medical claims! Unlike traditional medical billers, we guarantee quick reimbursements. Our 100% HIPAA-compliant billing services are flexible and affordable, with fast turnarounds and excellent customer support. We take pride in our certified medical billing specialists.
Pick MediBill MD and benefit from our expertise and scalable services, tailored to your needs.

Traditional Medical Billers
Compliance 100% up-to-date medical billing solutions with the latest regulations, including HIPAA. Basic compliance with HIPAA regulations
Certification ISO-certified medical billing specialists The general medical billing staff is not always certified
Reimbursements Quick reimbursements with low denial rates Moderate reimbursement rates
Pricing Most affordable services with sufficient savings Variable prices (some services have higher rates)
Hidden Costs Might have potential hidden prices
Training Fees Might charge for training
Success Coach A dedicated specialist to guide and optimize the billing process Depends on the service (usually not available)
Customer Support 24/7 excellent customer support for all your problems Standard customer support
Reporting Insightful analysis and comprehensive reports on the state of your revenue cycle and more Standard or limited reporting
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24/7 Support Across All Specialties

Get answers to your questions! At MediBill MD, we offer 24/7 dedicated customer support with all our services. Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to address medical billing and related issues across all specialties.

We Are Available Nationwide

Whether you are running an individual practice in California or providing services in a healthcare facility in New York, medical billing services are required to get your rightful reimbursements for patient encounters and performed procedures. Trying to handle the clinical and financial aspects can lead to physician burnout, but not if you partner with MediBill MD! We offer tailored healthcare billing services across all 50 states of the US.

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Unbeatable Pricing, Period!

At MediBill MD, we offer comprehensive healthcare billing services at unbeatable prices. We eliminate all the overhead expenses and provide incredible annual savings by charging only for the services offered. Choose MediBill MD and improve your cash flow today.

Price Comparison Calculator

Based on your annual collections, we will calculate the in-house medical billing cost and compare it with the MediBill MD service charges.

Trusted by 300+ Verified Practices

Our results speak for ourselves! MediBill MD is a well-trusted name in the industry. Our healthcare billing specialists optimize the revenue cycle of over 300 verified practices.

Our Medical Billing Process

We take a systematic approach to file your claim. Our medical billing process is designed to ensure full reimbursements on the first attempt. We work hand in hand with the healthcare providers to file accurate medical claims.

  • 1. Requirement Analysis

    We begin by determining your practice’s needs, goals, and billing process.

  • 2. Patient Registration & Verification

    Next, we collect all the relevant information about the patient and verify his insurance coverage.

  • 3. Coding

    Next, we collect all the relevant information about the patient and verify his insurance coverage.

  • 4. Claim Submission

    The next step is to submit the medical claim to the appropriate insurance company.

  • 5. Payment Posting

    Once the claim is processed and the outstanding amount is collected, we record the payments received from the payers and the patients in the system.

  • 6. Follow Up

    Lastly, we deposit the money to the healthcare providers and submit accurate reports.

About the Medical Billing Industry

Typically, 30% of medical claims get denied every year. Outsourced medical billing services can reduce them to around 5 to 10%. The best part is that they only charge 2 to 5% of the total net collection.

Medical Billing is an ever-growing industry. Its outsourcing market size was around $14.1 billion in 2023. However, it is expected to increase by 95.9% in the next decade, reaching $40.1 billion by 2032, according to DataHorizzon Research. The following stats provided by Zippia offer valuable information about this industry’s size and structure:

  • Medical billing companies function regionally in the US.
  • They have an average of 50 employees.
  • Medical billing is generally an inclusive industry, employing people from diverse backgrounds and maintaining a balanced gender ratio.
  • Around 81% of the employees in this industry are women.
  • Hispanics or Latinos make up the most common minority.

Get a Dedicated Billing
For Your Clinic’s Revenue Cycle Management

Optimize your revenue cycle to survive in this industry! Choose a dedicated billing specialist like MediBill MD and overcome all the hurdles, including complicated insurance policies, contractual obligations, and changing regulations.


The cost of outsourcing your healthcare billing to MediBill MD typically ranges from 2 to 5% of the collected payment.

You should outsource your healthcare billing process to MediBill MD for the following reasons:

  • To improve your cash flow
  • To increase your revenue
  • To avoid financial losses
  • To reduce your claim denials
  • To receive quick reimbursements

You can outsource healthcare billing by contacting a reliable provider. This third party will handle all your billing tasks, from collecting relevant information and coding to medical claim submissions at reasonable rates.

You can improve your billing process by outsourcing it to a reliable medical billing company like MediBill MD.

Data breaches are a serious concern in the healthcare sector. Therefore, HIPAA has set some standards to protect your patients’ privacy. Your billing process should comply with HIPAA regulations to avoid costly penalties.

Outsourcing healthcare billing services can improve your profitability by:

  • Reducing overhead costs
  • Improving your cash flow
  • Recovering your lost revenue
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

AAPC defines medical billing as the process of generating and submitting medical claims to insurance providers. Healthcare providers use this process to receive payment for their rendered services.

It involves several steps, including collecting patient information, coding all the diagnoses and procedures, submitting medical claims, and keeping up with the insurance firms for payments. Medical billers usually optimize this process for the healthcare providers to ensure timely reimbursements.

An EOB or explanation of benefits explains your insurance coverage. In simple terms, it is the breakdown of all the benefits included in your insurance coverage. An EOB outlines the covered services and procedures and the payment ratio - as in what percentage of the payment you will be responsible for after receiving the medical bill.

Upcodingrefers to the incorrect coding providers do to receive higher reimbursements for simple procedures. It occurs when healthcare providers mix up codes in medical claims to refer to more severe procedures or diagnoses than provided.

For example, a neurologist only performed a routine checkup with a CPT code that entitles him to a reimbursement of only $350. However, he used another code in the medical claim to receive $1,000.

Downcoding is the complete opposite of upcoding. It occurs when doctors mistakenly use incorrect codes to refer to less severe procedures or services than provided. As a result, healthcare providers receive lower reimbursements.

Let’s look at an example of downcoding. A cardiac surgeon performed an angioplasty. Instead of using an appropriate CPT code with a $22,500 reimbursement, he sends the wrong code on a medical claim. This incorrect code indicates a simpler procedure with a $10,000 maximum allowable amount. As a result, he only receives partial reimbursement.

RCM in medical billing, maintains the financial stability of a healthcare organization. The process uses several methods to manage the cash flow, including medical billing. It tracks the entire patient care lifecycle, from registration to payment collection. Both clinics and large hospitals use RCM services to remain in business.

Entity codes are medical identifiers. They refer to all individuals involved in the billing process, including hospitals, healthcare providers, and insurance providers. They are a crucial part of billing in the healthcare sector. Insurance providers usually rely on these codes to accurately process medical claims.

Insurance providers reimburse healthcare providers according to a contract. They deny or reject medical claims in case of any breach with an alphanumeric code - for example, billed amounts exceeding the contractual rates. They use these denial codes to explain the reason for rejecting or denying your claim.

Claim adjudication is the reviewing process of insurance providers. The payers thoroughly read and analyze the medical claims in this process before accepting or rejecting them. In simple terms, insurance providers use claim adjudication to decide how much they will reimburse the healthcare provider.

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